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player     yuli_pancake
currently     safe
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PTN1s won     0
rounds when PTN1s were won
PTN2s won     0
rounds when PTN2s were won
PTN competitions     1
vetos won     0
rounds when vetos were won
times saved by veto     0
rounds saved by veto and by whom
times nominated by veto     0
rounds nominated by veto and by whom
times nominated     1
rounds nominated and by whom
1a, by locke
nominated how many players     0
nominated what players on what rounds
elimination votes cast     0
elimination votes recieved     0
eliminated when     never
bring-back votes cast     0
bring-back votes recieved     0
brought back when     never
round 1a
PTN competition
finished 13th
round results
nominated by locke
veto competition
round results
round 1c
elimination vote    
elimination votes recieved
round results   
stats and history are updated at the end of every round.

impersonation is grounds for removal. if the player profile that appears on your player page is not in fact yours, tell me in the diary room.

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