immunity room (will be open as soon as possible, for now, take advantage of the benefits by emailing me at when you are the PTN or veto holder and request information on the immunity room benefits).
those who win PTNs and vetos get to invite whoever they'd like here to strategize in private. it requires a key to get in, which changes every round. if you are the current round's PTN or veto holder then you may request the key by clicking here. you may give the key out to anyone you'd like. there is also another benefit to having access to this room. . . maybe you will find out what it is.
you can use this to communicate with the host, me, about anything you'd like.
if you'd like, you can also go on record here with things you'd like kept private for now but you'd like revealed at the end of the game. . . can you say "chill town"?
this is open to everyone, players and non-players, with no keys required. talking on the message boards can get quite time consuming, and most chat rooms are full of bots and marketers unless you have an instant messenger, so in an attempt to provide an area where players can strategize with eachother and just simply talk without being bogged down by other chatters. . . well, here ya' go.

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