for non PTN and veto holders: not everyone has access to the immunity room, yet the people who do have access are, for that particular round, the most important and infulential players in the game. thus you may want to send them a message, and you may not want that message to be made public on the game thread. you can post a message to be seen in the immunity room lobby by enterring it below and selecting the "to the immunity room lobby" option below the text entry field. keep in mind that you have posted the message there, those who do have access to the immunity room may copy that message and do whatever they would like with it, wherever they would like to do it. these messages may not be revealed at the end of the game. THIS FEATURE IS NOT YET AVAILABLE UNTILL THE IMMUNITY ROOM IS OPEN.
for harcore players: from time to time you may wish to reveal aspects of your game strategy or your opinions of other players and their strategies to me, so that i may reveal them at the end of the game. depending on whether you win or lose, this could be a very entertaining aspect of the VOC and this site itself (consider, like i said, chill town's diary room entrees in BB all-stars). you may submit anything you'd like from this diary room and choose to either reveal it at the end or to leave it as simply a message to me. don't worry, even if you chose once to reveal something at the end of the game, i will still ask you before i reveal it whether or not you still wish it to be revealed.  
for messages to me that require no reply: when you just wish to tell me something and you don't need to me to respond to it, you may message me from here by choosing the "to emily amberose" option below the text entry field. these messages may not be revealed at the end of the game.

to immunity room lobby
reveal at the end
to emily amberose

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