we have here a collection of extra little "opinion games", in which players of the lost vote
out contest can vote on different topics having to do with lost. this is to make the website
a little more useable and enjoyable - as every player may vote in each one of these mini-
games once every day, whereas in the lost VOC, some rounds tend to take a little while. the
following mini games are supplemental to the actual lost vote out contest, and it is is not
required that you play them.
ps. participation in the VOC player deathmatch will earn you popularity points. 
i hope you enjoy,
players take away two points from and add two points to any character from the list that they want.
when a character reaches 0 points they are removed from the list untill only one character remains.
the lost VOC player battle royale
same as the character battle royale only dealing with the lost vote out contest players instead.
characters from lost will be matched up against eachother and it is your job to vote on who is your
favorite from each seperate matchup.
at the end of the lost VOC season, before the winner of the game is announced at the winner's
ceremony, i will release (with the season two player awards) the awards for a few categories
about the actual show, lost, as voted on by ya'll, the players in the VOC. so to vote, come over
here. you need not vote in every category, but if you wish to, you may, up to one vote per day. 

we have here a message board which will be used throughout the course of this season as a way to allow players to communicate with eachother when they are not all online at the same time. this way alliance forming comes heavily into play, which is the main element of the VOC. anything may be said on here as long as it is in compliance with the game rules. i will read the posts that are made here but don't use this as a way of communicating with me, only the other players. for communicating with me, use either the comments section or the diary room.
we have here a chat room which is open for everyone, you need not even be a player. the idea of this chatroom - or the theory, if you will - is that since it's on this satellite site which is, for the most part, not advertised, there will be a very small number of people, a lot of the times no people, on here at once. this means that players can come here with eachother to strategize and just talk without worrying about others listening in. also, there won't be advertising bots and all that annoying junk that comes with public chat rooms. of course, you could just use an instant messenger, but everyone has one or is willing to get one, so i made this place. and i hope you enjoy.
from time to time i will appear in the chat room to hold "live" get-to-gethers between players and competitions for secret immunity clues. these are not required to be attended but a great deal of insight into the game could be gained by showing up, as during these times i will always allow some time for open-forum Q&A's and when there's news i will release it here first. don't worry though, everything i announce here will be published on the official releases pages shortly thereafter, and will stay for the entire round which that particular announcement pertains to. this is merely an attempt at drawing players deeper into the game and maybe even attracting a few new players for season three. i hope to see you here sometime.
the list of dates (updated weekly) 

by the way, i don't have a reason why i called it the "big" room besides i thought that it sounded neat. i will be continuously trying to expand on this section of the site so that the name makes sense. if you have any ideas and suggestions, submit them in the site comments section of the site by clicking here.

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