popularity points are used for a few things . . .  one of them being to gain veto points. ? they also offer a way to get an invite into the VOC all-stars. 
there are other rewards for building up your popularity points, even for reaching all-time lows in popularity points, but to discover them you'll have to earn them.
when you are voted out, your popularity points will not cease to exist, just a few methods of gaining them will. this means that even from the dead, you may be able to get enough points, or even few enough points (wink-wink), to make it into the all-stars and to be gifted with other rewards.
your current popularity points are displayed on your player page.
the meter that comes with the number:
  -=-=-=-=-          would represent having between, and including, -23 and -25 popularity points.
  |-=-=-=-=-=-=-     would represent having between, and including, 33 and 35 popularity points.
  |                         would represent having 0 popularity points.
you gain popularity points when:
 -  you are voted someone's 3rd, 2nd, or favorite player; ?
 -  you are not nominated in a nominations round;
 -  you are nominated in a nominations round and you remain nominated up till and through the elimination round, but recieve zero elimination votes;
 -  you recieve no elimination votes in a no-nominations round;
 -  you are brought back into the game;
 -  you survive a round in the VOC players battle royale;
 -  you are leading at the start of a round in the VOC players battle royale;
you lose popularity points when:
 -  you are voted someone's least favorite player; ?
 -  when you are nominated;
 -  recieving an elimination vote (for each vote you recieve);
 -  when you are nominated by someone else's veto or immunity power;
 -  when you are eliminated from the VOC players battle royale;
 -  when you are dead last at the start of a round in the VOC players battle royale.
you cannot max out or bottom out on popularity points. rewards for popularity points are only given out at the beginnings of "a" subrounds, in order to prevent players gaining veto points from it while in the midst of a veto or an elimination round. popularity points are calculated and added at the ends of all sub-rounds.
if you have any questions about this, or any other feature of the game or the website, please ask me them here.

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