you do not need to be a VOC player to participate in this miniature opinion game. as long as you are registered to use this site, you may participate. click here to register to use this site.

the characters on the list are all to be eliminated except for one. a character is eliminated when they run out of points. every player may take one turn each day. a turn consists of adding one point to one of the characters on the list and taking away one point from one of the characters from the list. you can not add to or take away from characters who are on the dead list. being voted out of the VOC does not mean you can't participate here.

to play your turn, click here or on the play button at the bottom. this is a message board-driven game. enter your addition and subtraction choices as the last post in the thread titled, "character royale". any non-playing your turn posts must be made in seperate threads, but kept to a minimum. i will answer questions about this M-O game (miniature opinion game) on this board directly. please keep the discussion threads (and any other VOC-related threads) inside of the big room.

kill points:  when you take away a character's last remaining point, you earn a kill point. for each kill point you have, you may add one extra point to a character and take away one extra point from a character each turn after the turn you got the kill point in.

click here to view everyone's amassed kill points

this game does not affect any aspect of the lost VOC.

click here to play the lost character battle royale.

the numbers beside the names on the list represent the amount of points that character has left (as of the first hour of each day, 12:00 am, mountain time). stats are updated everyday, between 8:00 pm and 11:59 pm.

Sawyer - 7
Kate - 7
Locke - 8
Jack - 4
Sayid - 6
Hurley - 6
Shannon - 6
Boone - 6
Charlie - 6
Claire - 6
Aaron - 6
Sun - 6
Jin - 7
Michael - 6 
Walt - 6
Eko - 6
Ana-Lucia - 6
Libby - 6 
Rose - 6
Bernard - 6
Desmond - 6
Danielle - 6
Alex - 6
Ethan - 6
Goodwin - 6
Tom ("Zeke") - 6 
Bea (Mr. Klugh) - 4
Pickett - 5
Vincent - 6
Henry - 6

the dead list

(no one, yet)

click here to play the lost character battle royale.

if you have any questions about this feature that you'd like answered quickly, drop me a line here.

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