any player found breaking or encouraging to break, helping to break, or helping cover up the the breaking of any of the following rules will be removed from this and every following season of the game:

1) there will be no harrassment.
you are harrassing when:
1. you are asked to stop a line of conversation (on the game thread) and you do not stop;
2. that player complains to me about being harrased by you (to complain, send the email to;

2) there will be no hacking of any kind. this means any account that is not your own, whether it be on or any other site, including email and blog sites.
3) there will be no imposters. impostering is when you create a username that is nearly identicle to another person's username. for example, if my username was jake123 and you registered as jakel23 then you would be an imposter (notice the "l" in place of the "1" in the latter). also, you may not tamper with or submit a personal player profile on the player pages for a player that is not yourself.
4) you may not give any player any personal contact information other than your age, you gender, and your FIRST name. anything beyond that msut be saved for other threads.

5) there will no property or monetary bribes or agreements between players

6) threats to someone's wellbeing outside of this game will not be tolerated.
7) there will no discrimatory terms - this rule is only punishable upon a complaint by the player who has been targetted by discriminitory language. to make a complaint, email me at
8) there will be no derogative terms used in a sexual manner - this rule is only punishable upon a complaint by the player who has been targetted by discriminitory language. to make a complaint, email me at

9) no corporate or personal advertising. THIS IS NOT A DATING SERVICE. no personal or corporate advertisements for monetary or any other personal gain. no dating service, sponsor, trademarks, or ads.
10) people caught using mpds (in the game itself) will be removed. i do not, however, know how to prove that someone is using an mpd, so if you can, email me at
thnx ya'll,

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