in the case of a tie in a poll, there are two ways of finding the winner and the loser. the first method is always used first if applicable, while the second acts as a fall-back-crutch to the first.

1) out of those in question, the player who has recieved the most votes of the type in question (elimination, bring-back, etc.) in previous rounds up to and not including the present round is the winner of the tie. it is important to note that "winning" a tie is not always a good thing, depending on whether the votes you are tallying are for or against. for example, if it were a veto round and there was a tie, the player with the most previous veto votes for them would "win" the tie and thus win the veto, while if it were an elimination round and there was a tie, the player with the most previous elimination votes against them would would "win" the tie and thus be eliminated from the game.

2) if all players in question have the same number of previous votes of the type in question, the player of those who are tied to have last recieved a vote will win the tie. so if you and i were tied and i revieced a vote at 5:00 pm and you recieved a vote at 7:00 pm, you would win the tie, even if somebody else (besides you and i) recieved a vote at 7:30 pm.


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