the PTN is the "power to nominate".

in round 16a, all four remaining players will take quite a long quiz (when related to the quiz that will be taken in round 17a), and the two with the highest scores combined with the lowest times will each get to choose one player to nominate.

the one person to get the highest score combined with the lowest time will also have full immunity for that round, meaning they cannot be the second nominee, nor can they be a replacement nominee due to the secret immunity. the same immunities do not apply to the second place contestant.

the questions on the quiz will all have to do with the show "Lost".

the round 16a PTN competition begins at 10:00 pm, mountain time, on august 24. take the time untill then to study Lost if you believe it is important that you win.

when the quiz goes up, it'll be on the on the official releases page, right at the top, on a very EASILY seeable link.
to compete, you must copy the quiz from this satellite site, paste it into an email message to and answer each question.
you may wish to get your results back by email after each player's results have been revealed.

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