it is currently round 2c.
this is an elimination round.
the polls are open.
everyone remaining in the game must vote on one of the nominees, locke, juliet, or libby, to be eliminated from the game. the polls close at 7:00 pm, board time, on january 26th.
to cast your vote, enter the name of the nominee you would like to vote against into the form to come. then enter your username and password that you registered on this site with, or click here to register so that you can, if you haven't registered already (you may have to vote on the game thread if you haven't registered yet, confirmation tkes awhile). also, if you'd like your vote kept secret untill the end of this season, click on the "vote in secret" option.
these are the nominees:
these people are elligible to vote:
John Locke - Manic_Is_Panicked
Kate Austen - Mrs_Sawyer_
Desmond David Hume - Leumas Loch
Sun Kwon - zelwin
James "Sawyer" Ford - Horner_vs_Reddick
Juliet - FrecklesLuvsFishBiscuits
Jin-Soo Kwon - pronounced_jessee_ca
Alexandra Rousseau - lostquiche
Claire Littleton- yulie_pancake
Elizabeth - I_heart_snowflakes
Nikki - Sexy__Chica
Boone Carlyle - TheresaFallsUpTheStairs

votes so far:
Locke - 0
Juliet - 0
Libby - 1
enter your username and password and the name of the character you wish to vote against below.

your vote
vote in secret

players whose elimination votes i've recieved so far:
Leumas_LockV2 - public, against Libby

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