the competition is currently running.

the winner of this PTN competition will recieve immunity from being nominated and will have to nominate two players for elimination. the runner-up will not recieve immunity but will still have to nominate another one player for elimination.


the overview and rules of the round 2a PTN competition
everyone must email me, at telling me when they would like their PTN quiz sent to them, via email. you can choose anytime between today (the 15th of january), at 3:00 pm, and 7:00 pm on wednesay to get your quiz at, just don't choose times between 12:00 am board time and 8:00 am board time, please.

your time on the quiz will be the time from when you recieve your quiz and when you send it back to be completed, so choose a time that you will actually be online at.

please don't choose a time which is less than two hours from the time you email me with your choice.
thnx ya'll, emily

i left the competition open untill wednesday in an attempt to get all the players to play. but for those of you who are done by tuesday you will all earn popularity points.
hnx you all very much for reading the overview and rules for this PTN competition and for competiting in the competition itself.

no amount of thanks can be given for each one of you who decide to take part in this, my most prized creation.

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