essentially, the game goes like this: nominations - where a given number of players are nominated to be eliminated, then eliminations - where a given number of the nominees is eliminated from the game. 
there will be 12 rounds, each consisting of a number of mini-rounds, or sub-rounds. that is why the rounds will be called 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, and so on and so forth. each type of "sub-round" is different, and each is detailed below:
PTN sub-rounds     this is the first type of sub-round you will encounter, as it comes in round 1a. there are two parts to it, the PTN competition and the nominations.
in the PTN competition part, everybody may compete in a competition which i have designed, and the winner, or in some cases winners, will be awarded the power to nominate (the PTN) and may also be awarded immunity from nomination and from elimination in that round. half of the competitions will be trivia-based competitions and the other half will be act as a game surprise each time one comes up. none of the competitions will require a mass amount of intelligence or skill with computers, don't worry. for many of the PTN (and veto) competitions, however, it will be advantageous (though not always necessary) to be able to devote atleast 5 minutes per day to the game. it is important to note here that before the game begins i will take a vote as to what time of week (early, late, or weekend) the competitions will be held on, so as to satisfy the most players' schedules as possible.
in the nominations part, the PTN winner/s will have 72 hours to decide which of the players to nominate for elimination that round (there will be a set requirement on the number of nominees for each different round). it is asked that players take as little time making their nominations as possible, and for this reason there is a system of "active player points" which will come into play as soon as the secret immunity challenge opens in the beginning of round 2a. for more information on the "active player points" system, click here (not yet completed, will be soon).
elimination rounds     this is the second type of sub-round you will encounter, in round 1b.
veto sub-rounds     this is the third type of sub-round you will encounter, in round 3b.
the bring-back sub-round     this is the last type of sub-round you will encounter, and you will only encounter it once, in round 4b.
-more to come soon, on the 11th of october.
thnx ya'll,

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