the secret immunity competition is open.
it will run untill the winner of the secret immunity is revealed.
there is a four character code that must be correctly solved - the first player to do so will win the secret immunity. in order to solve it, though, certain steps must be followed.
part one - the false color code fragments
there are 8 two-digit "code fragments" hidden around this website. when you find one, you may input it from the s.i. (secret immunity) menu page by clicking on the grey square at the top of the page that corresponds to the particular code fragment. when you find a fragment, it will appear like this: "false code fragment [a]: #" go to the grey square for [a], which would be the first grey square, whereas the grey square for, say, [h] would be the last of the 8 squares. from there, enter the two digits that appear in the "#" space. soon after i will give you what is called the "real color code fragment" that corresponds to whichever one of the fake color code fragments you submit. once you've submitted all 8 false color code fragments and recieved all 8 real color code fragments in return, part two of the competition, for you, will begin.
part two - the real color codes
there is a set of clues that will grow every day located at a link on the s.i menu page. the clues are to assist you in making 4 four-digit real color codes out of the 8 two-digit real color code fragments. you see, two of the code fragments make up each one of the color codes, and these clues will help you to find out which two go to each color code and in what order. on this part of the competition you may only submit one wrong color code, the second wrong color code you submit will eliminate you from the secret immunity competition. each time you submit a real color code, you will recieve that particular code's "colored symbol". once you've recieved all four "colored symbols", part three of the competition, for you, will begin.
part three -  the colored symbols
ordered correctly, the four colored symbols makes up the final code, which submitting the quickest will win you the secret immunity. problem is, i won't start releasing clues for this part of the competition untill 12:00 am, board time, on february 8th. untill then, if you make it to this part of the competition, you will just have to try and figure it out yourself - which can be done, it'll just take a little bit of good old fashioned outside-the-box thinking . . .  or you could just hope no one gets here untill the 5th. when you are here, any one wrong answer will eliminate you immediately from the secret immunity competition.

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