i m m u n i t y r o o m

congratulations, you are in the immunity room.
everything here is just for you and anyone else holding a PTN or a veto for the current round. there is a private chatroom and a place for just the privilaged to send messages to your fellow players who are not online. most importantly, this is where you will make your PTN and veto decisions (as in who to nominate if you have the PTN and what to do with the veto if you have it). you may also enjoy viewing the secret votes made for this round by all other players, considering they are only public for you. keep in mind, however, you may not share the knowledge you get with anyone in any public sense (meaning i can't watch over your email conversations or private chat conversations in here, the immunity room, but no talking about the secret votes you view on here to anyone on the message board or anywhere else in the big room.
what, in the immunity room, would you like to do?



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