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hey everyone. I understand if the rules are set in
stone for this season of the game, but I just want to hear other people's input regarding how many people will be voted out per elimination round. I personally think that two is too many people to eliminate at once, and i think there should be only one elimination per round. Of course, I know you have already drawn up your rules, so if you don't want to change them, then i completely understand

Posted: Sep 13 @ 10:28 PM
just my input, to let everyone know, in all the rounds after round four there will only be one person eliminated. i will post the rest of the schedule soon. sorry for the wait. if there is overwhelming demand that i change the schedule resulting from this p.o.p. then i will attempt to make the proper changes, however, my schedule, as far as wrapping the game up in time for me to move so i dont have to delay for possibly a up to a week, is very tight. sorry about these first rounds. but yeah, go nuts on the opinions everyone, i love to hear them, otherwise i couldn't make the game. thnx you for the submission manic.

thnx ya'll,

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